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Don’t Let Nervous Sweating Stop Your Big Presentation Success

Going up the stage and making a speech in front of a crowd is no mean feat. Only a few people have the natural flair for it. And even if they do, it still takes an outstanding amount of practice and preparation to really impress a live audience, regardless of their size or standing. No wonder nervous sweating is [...]

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Why Do We Get Armpit Sweat Marks & Ways to Stop Them

Why Do We Get Armpit Sweat Marks & Ways to Stop ThemSweat marks can be a real problem for sufferers of excessive sweating and even worse for those of us with Hyperhidrosis. Even a small underarm stain can be really embarrassing especially if a would be suitor, co-worker or boss sees them.Read our guide to underarm sweat marks and [...]

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Excessive Sweating? You're Not Alone

Alex Rodriguez -- New York Yankees’ third baseman -- once said, “Enjoy your sweat because hard work doesn't guarantee success, but without it you don't have a chance.” Yet for those suffering from excess perspiration, there’s nothing enjoyable about it. So, why do people sweat? Perspiration is the body’s natural way of keeping cool. People are [...]

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Armpit Stains

Last year we were proud to be featured in Men’s Health magazine in an article about how effective Sweatshield Undershirts are as a way to stop armpit stains in a piece called “how to prevent an armpit stain”. It was great to get this recognition from such a well-known magazine and it was an interesting [...]

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