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We've been in business since 2009; it's a privilege to have sold sweat-proof undershirts and sweat-proof boxers to more than 20,000 people in 70 countries.
See what some of them have had to say.

Just wanted to say your product is truly amazing! I've tried pretty much every product on the market and have found none to work like yours do, hence why I've purchased more.  I work in hospitality and understandably get pretty sweaty however your undershirts give me great confidence in that I never fear about having massive sweat patches or a sweaty back no matter how hot I get.  Thank You! I highly recommend these under shirts!

Chris, Melbourne, Australia

I am a 24 year old woman and have suffered from excessive sweating since I was 14. I could not wait for these shirts to come in, I was hesitant at first because nothing else had ever worked. The first day I wore one my life was changed. I no longer have to choose clothes around my excessive sweating. For the first time in my adult life I can wear what I want! These shirts are amazing! Thank you so much!

Virginia, USA

I purchased these undershirts for my wedding on September 21. I'm so happy I got them and really amazed how well they work. It was a hot and humid day here in Montreal and with me wearing a 3 piece suit, I was sure I would need to change shirt and undershirt before midnight. But to my great surprise I was dry the entire day and night. Even after dancing the entire night my shirt was always dry. Thank you for a great product, which made my wedding day a more comfortable one.

Eric, New Zealand

A big credit to you and your company for such a wonderful experience to deal with and I'm sure i'm not the only customer with great feedback to provide. Well done and best wishes in the future. Thank you so much again, and I look forward to many more transactions with you in the future."

George, Sydney, Australia

Sweatshield Undershirts have changed my wardrobe. I can now wear light coloured shirts and not feel conscious of the under stains. Normal T-shirts don't work for me. I bought a five pack for the working week, I have just ordered another 5 for everyday use. I would recommend them to anyone who suffers from embarrassing sweat marks"

Alan, South Africa

Sweatshield shirts are amazing. I have suffered from excessive underarm sweating for many years. It's had a negative impact on my confidence as I was always very self conscious about having very noticeable wet marks on my shirts and I limited myself to white or black  shirts as they made it less noticeable even though I desperately wanted to wear colours that suited me and reflected who I was. I knew that coloured shirts made my problem more obvious. I lived my life forever wearing jackets to hide it or running to mens rooms on quite floors of the building to try and dry the fabric and hoping nobody would come in to the facilities and think I was some sort of freak. Then, I found this website and these shirts. I just cannot tell what these simple yet wonderfully effective garments have done for me. I buy clothing I want to buy now that I will look as they should with no big dark wet patches. I am confident to go on stage as a hobby I longed to get into was community acting but stage lights and excessive perspiration don't go together, especially when you're not picking your costume! Now I can step onto the stage and enjoy my hobby safe in the knowledge that Sweatshield keeps me looking the part. I can't thank you enough for this amazing product. This is my second order now, as I've been using them a while, and I can't find the words to praise them properly

David, United Kingdom

I have suffered from excessive sweating under my arms for many years now and I have tried all sorts of herbal and over the counter chemical remedies. Some of these worked but had unpleasant side effects and I was in some cases unable and in others unwilling to continue using these products . So I reverted back to wearing layers of clothing in an attempt to hide the sweat marks on my shirts, which was not only hot and embarrassing but also costly, as the shirts needed to be replaced more frequently. Then I discovered the Sweatshield undershirts website, I was a little dubious as to whether the claims and testimonials were true, as there are so many fraudulent claims on the web, however I thought I'd try them and see for myself. I am delighted to say that I have found the information to be true and factual. The Sweatshield undershirts have enable me to wear whatever coloured shirts I like with the confidence that they will stop the sweat coming through my shirt all day. They are comfortable to wear and very discrete under a good quality shirt. I will definitely be placing another order in the future.

Carl, USA

I have been suffering from extreme hyperhidrosis for the last 10 to 15 years. I am a facilitator, and speak often in front of large groups. I have to wear suits, dress shirts, and ties. The biggest problem is that not only would I get pretty warm, I would also get nervous before large presentations and this made me sweat like crazy. It was so bad that I would even sweat through my suit!!!! (regular t-shirts or even dry fit do nothing). Talk about embarrassing. Here I am trying to speak and need to cross my arms because I have sweat stains on my suit jacket. And if I remove the jacket, well we all know where that leads; an ocean of sweat for the world to see. Ever since I have been wearing these undershirts, my underarm sweat stains are no more! Even chest and back sweat cannot pierce the veil. I can't believe it's real. I was considering botox or even surgery to fix the issue. I am so happy to have found these shirts. They have literally changed my life and now I can present with confidence. Thank you"

Stephen, USA

I have purchased several over the counter "prescription strength" antiperspirants and nothing worked. I had to hide my excessive sweat marks with suit jackets or sweaters. My last hope was sweatshield and ordered 1 shirt and got the results I was looking for - no more sweat marks! Ordered 5 more last week - thank you so much!

Jason, USA

  I have literally quit jobs that required I wear a uniform that I would not be able to cover up, wear a jacket or otherwise hide the sweat, I sweat when it's hot, I sweat when it's cold, so no relief EVER from the embarrassment. I am so grateful I found your site. Thank you so very much. I am a lifelong customer, just wish I found you 30 years ago! My advise to anyone considering a purchase, Do Not miss this opportunity to live confidently, you will not be sorry. My wish list: Long sleeves and Black sweatshield undershirts

Nancy, USA

Its an amazing product, I just bought one to try it out and it does exactly what it says on the tin. I don't remember the last time I have been that confident wearing a work outfit and not worrying about sweat marks. The technology behind the design is great and the comfort in commendable. Congratulations you have made a client for life

Ali, Dubai

My whole life I have struggled with excessive sweating. For as long as I can remember it has caused me nothing but stress and embarrassment.  I always tried to hide behind black dri-fit shirts and avoided any sort of light colored shirt entirely. It even got to a point to where I didn't want to go out and enjoy college life with my friends because I was afraid of sweating through my shirt. I played division one baseball at Southern Illinois University for four years and have been a three sport athlete my whole life, so I know how it feels to always be sweating.  When I decided to take on this job in downtown Chicago I wasn't nervous about the city, or the work I was going to be doing, or the fast paced short deadline sales lifestyle that I had ahead of me.  The only thing I was stressed about was the thought of sitting in an office all day in a dress shirt and pants, knowing that I was going to sweat right through my shirt within the first hour of wearing it.  How was I supposed to go through a nine hour work day without looking like I just swam laps at the local fitness center?

So, the week before I started work, I ordered a five pack of your sweatshield undershirts.  They were my last hope, and I was 100% sure that they wouldn't be able to stop me from sweating through my dress shirts.  I received the undershirts on a Friday night, so I decided to put them to the ultimate test and wear a grey button up out that night.  Now, I have always been the guy who tries to hide checking my underarms while I'm out at night, so after an hour in a grey button up in 90 degree heat I snuck a peak at my underarms and I was completely blown away when I didn't see a single drop of sweat on my shirt.  The rest if that night I have to try and sneak a look at my underarms to check and see if I had sweat through my shirt or not.  For the first time in my life I didn't worry or stress about my underarms, and I actually sweat a lot less because of that reason.

These undershirts have COMPLETELY changed my life.  I have worn them for five weeks straight now at work and I stay cool and sweat free all day every day.  I'm more confident and I'm more relaxed than I ever have been in my life.  I believe in these shirts so much that I was able to convince five of my friends to try them out, and they have become believers just like me"

Wes, USA

 Thank you. I love the shirts. They work awesome. I feel like I have just gained my confidence back to step out the door in this hot Florida weather and not worry about underarm stains. These shirts are amazing. I highly recommend them to anyone with hyperhidrosis. You gained a customer for life!

Miriam, USA

These shirts really work. They have given me the confidence to go out in public in coloured shirts, not just black like I previously wore 99% of the time. They are more comfortable than homemade remedies I've tried in the past. Thank you Sweatshield Undershirts, you've improved my life

David, United Kingdom

Hi I'm not the type to bother with customer feedback however I was sceptical of the product but must admit after use I'm very impressed and satisfied with the undershirts as I only get sweat patches underarm they work perfect. It has reopened my confidence in all colours of tops which I avoided as sweat patches were visible. The low cut v necks are great as its not even evident that an undershirt is being worn

Alan, USA

I have been wearing these undershirts for three weeks now. I'm a hairstylist and constantly have sweat marks under arms. Of course that's never good with job that includes shampooing and raising arms to cut hair. Not one mark since using. Nice to be able to wear clothes that are not just black now. Great investment for sure

Kevin, Canada

I have suffered from excessive underarm sweating for over 15 years, unable to make it through the day without sweat rings anytime I wear button-down dress shirts.  Sweatshield undershirts are phenomenal!  I am now able to confidently wear dress shirts without any concern about sweat bleeding through.  This product truly had been a life saver!

Barry, USA

This is an excellent product. I have had similar shirts but the material used in these is superior. I like the form fitting style as well as the confidence in knowing that I am protected.

Ben, Vermont

This is the first time that I have ever written a testimonial, but I just had to as I can't recommend these undershirts enough. I travel long distances (3 hours plus) and if you're a big sweater like me, by the end of your journey you resemble Michael Phelps. I have been wearing Sweatshield Undershirts for two weeks now and I have not seen a patch anywhere. I have tried many products in the past which claim to tackle hyperhidrosis - like those that block the glands under your arms. All they managed to do is 'divert' my sweat to other areas, and knowing my luck that was my forehead. Other products such as those shirts that claimed to wick away sweat failed, as my tap of an armpit cut through them like butter. In addition, those shirts where hard to iron and unfashionable. I always wore a jumper or a lab jacket or a suit blazer to cover my shirt, however I have the power to sweat through those too. In the end I walked around like I was auditioning for Riverdance. I had no confidence and thought nothing would ever work. I then took a punt on Sweatshields as I was thinking of creating something similar for myself be it a  more crude version, and boy I have been smiling ever since. I can now wear anything, even the dreaded thin light grey t-shirt (I tested this personally), and not a drop in sight. I have the freedom to wear whatever colour I want now and not be locked to white/black shirts. They really work and I have been suffering from this ever since I was young (I'm 32 now). If you sweat like me and have tried everything else, then these will go a long way to rebuild your confidence. We can all high-five together now sweat free!"

N.D, London, United Kingdom

Very fast delivery and excellent service. The t-shirts worked really, really well during the day (I was road testing them during the hottest day of the year!) however if wearing slim fit shirts I would advise wearing a darker coloured shirt due to seeing outline of the pads thru lighter coloured slim fitting shirts. Would recommend these t-shirts to anyone as they are the best product of this type I have used and I've used a few!

C Daniels, Washington, United States

Sweatshield undershirts live up to their promise! My profession requires that I dress in business attire.  I've often times felt uncomfortable due to unsightly underarm sweating.  Now that I've transitioned to sweatshield undershirts, I can proceed with confidence, knowing that underarm sweating will no longer cause unsightly stains on my shirt.

M Smith, Texas

I purchased the Sweatshield Undershirts for myself & for my husband. I was looking for a quality undershirt made for women that would protect my silk shirts from my deodorant. The women's Sweatshield Undershirts are perfect for this purpose. The fit, style and soft stretchy material are exactly what I was looking for. I also bought the men's Sweatshield Undershirts for my husband under his work shirts and he is extremely pleased. There is absolutely nothing like this shirt sold in department stores. The 5 pack is a great value.

Cin, Vancouver, Canada

My entire adult life I've dealt with constant anxiety about sweating through my shirts. This anxiety wasted a lot of time and emotional energy and it actually caused me to sweat more! I started wearing Sweatshield Undershirts two weeks ago, and they have truly been life-changing! The shirts work for me and, as I have gradually learned to trust them, I have become much more relaxed and confident

Mark, Nova Scotia

I have suffered with hyper-hydrosis my whole life and tried everything from homeopathic to medical and nothing worked until i found sweatshirt. Incredible value for money and I can now put my hands behind my head in the boardroom and lean back with extra confidence!! Fantastic product and I will be buying more.

Jacques, Lyon, France

Purchased for my partner and he absolutely loves the undershirts and they do exactly what they same on the tin...Wearing work shirts and sweating can be uncomfortable in the office environment and since wearing these shirts he has not had any sweat patches whatsoever and has stayed dry throughout the day. Nice material quality and v neck style ideal. Fast delivery to the UK and no problem recommending the product and we will come back to purchase more in the future.

Sharon, Aberdeen, United Kingdom

I just want to say that these shirts saved my social life. I have hyperhidrosis and nothing worked. Not antiperspirants, not diet, not anything. I purchased a 5 pack about a year ago, and can't go a day without one on! I have to talk to customers at work and sweat stains are a huge turn off. It got up to 106 degrees in my shop and no sweatstains. It’s not uncomfortable either, you'd think with all the sweat being trapped that it would feel weird, but it doesn't.

Shane, Wisconsin, United States

I bought the 5 undershirts pack and I'm 100% happy with my purchase. The shirts are very comfortable to wear and the material feels very soft against the skin.

I suffer from excessive sweating and this has been my plague for as long as I can remember. Not only not being able to wear what you feel like (awful limitation for a woman), but also the feeling of being damp at best or like every other days, shivering in my soaked clothes, the permanent stress of having to hide the sweat marks, being discriminated over for something you have absolutely no control over, or getting paranoid about it ;). It sounds dramatic but my fellow sufferers will understand how debilitating this condition can be.

Now I can wear light coloured shirts and anything else that takes my fancy. Not only do I look dry but I feel dry. I don’t know what kind of magic these shirts are made off but even after sweating heavily you still feel dry. Last time I had a very sweaty day and when I took off the shirt I touched the outer side of the underarms and could feel a bit of dampness, however, I couldn’t feel it on the inner side (the one touching my skin) 

Claude, Prague

A big thank you to Tim and all his Team! :) I have tried tons of over the counter deodorants, prescription deodorants, changed my diet... all in the hopes of reducing my excessive under arm sweating, but nothing worked. I finally came to the conclusion that maybe deodorant wasn't the answer to my under arm sweating and that there might be a special undershirt available. A quick search lead me to the Sweatshield Undershirts website and I quickly found that this could be solution that I have been searching for. After two weeks of wearing Sweatshield Undershirts, I have not had disgusting pit stains or smelled horrible after a long day at the office. Finally! Thank you so much Sweatshield!

Jake, North Carolina

Sweatshield Undershirts changed my life for the better. I'm more confident at work and in my personal life. Also, I can buy clothes that I wouldn't have typically worn before using Sweatshield. I am so thankful for this and I'm a customer for life.

Anthony, Florida

Thank you. Thank you so very much. You're shirts are not only amazing - they are life changing. The best way I can think of illustrating this is that it was 83 in my office building today and thanks to you I don't have a care in the world about running meetings, etc. in my shirt and tie. Thank you so much Sweatshield you're shirts are more than shirts; they are freedom!

Sean, California

These shirts are fantastic! I am a 26 y/o that always sweats through dress shirts, t-shirts, etc. The shirt is extremely nicely fitted and doesn't make you feel warmer like the cotton t-shirts. As far as undershirts go, these are the absolute best I've found. It won't stop you from sweating, but this is the best bet short of botox, which I am certainly not doing.

Brian, Philadelphia

I purchased the undershirts for my son who is getting married at the end of June.  He is so happy with the undershirts.  They work !!!!!  He may even order more.  My original order was for the pack of 5.  Thank you for making something for this underarm excessive sweating problem

Jean, Wisconsin

Thank you so much...i was so excited when i read about a possible solution to
  yellow sweat stains on my white t shirts, which i wear to protect my dress shirts
...i read this in Men's Health & decided to risk it & went to the sweatshield site & ordered
 the shirts...they are very comfortable, cool & love the "stretch" and sure enough, no stains!

Vincent, Mississauga

"As simple as it is, these shirts can transform your life in an instant as they have done to mine. More confidence and freedom throughout the day especially when you live in hot and humid climates like Dubai. An absolutely wonderful product, a 10000% guarantee of 0 sweat marks from the instant you put these shirts. Already have my second value pack shipped!!"

Rami, Dubai, UAE

I have just used my Sweatshield Undershirts for the first time this week.  I am totally convinced that this is the best purchase I have made so far to hide the sweat marks under my arms.  I have used them for the entire week and will continue to use them on a daily basis to help control this problem.  I've used the disposable pads, but there were always marks around the pad on my shirts and I never had a real sense of security with them.  I was amazed the first time I used these undershirts. Nothing penetrated or got around the built in pads of the t-shirts.  I first purchased a 5 pack and will ordering another 5 in the near future.  I don't want to go a day without having one of these Sweatshield Undershirts on.  Fantastic product!

Daren, Ontario

I have struggled for about 10 years with excessive underarm sweating and because of this my anxiety levels have risen and risen to the point where I did not want to lift up my arms and I could not be my usual self..  I have been to the doctors to discuss and the only option they said was botox injection or keep trying various antiperspirants..  I have tried every anti-perspirant under the sun and none of them work, I have tried the stick on sweat pads and they just fall off and move out of position..  I tried wearing shirts under dress shirts and this did not stop the problem either.  I have to be honest I was beginning to lose my temper and confidence until I came across this product..

It is by far and away the best solution to the problem that I have ever come across..  They shirts are very comfy ,they fit perfectly  they stay tucked in and you don't even know you have them on. You can wear them under short and long sleeve shirts and they do what they are supposed to do.. Stop the sweat..  Now I can go about my everyday life not having to worry, and this only helps the cause because the less I worry about it the less I sweat..  Do not hesitate to buy these tops, if you suffer from perspiration problems then do it.  They are also washable and can reuse like any normal shirt.. Great job & thank you..

Paul, London

I anxiously awaited the arrival of my women's Sweatshield Undershirt and couldn't wait to try it. I recently have been experiencing excessive sweating in my underarms. I have tried every deodorant out there, including prescription strength. The deodorants did not work and I was worried about the possible, harmful effects of the ingredients. I teach and it became so embarrassing to have sweat marks on my shirt, that I had to make certain decisions with my fashion to try to mask the marks with darker clothing. Trying to choose outfits was no longer  fun and many blouses, dresses and shirts just hung in my closet untouched. My problem with sweating started to effect my everyday life and confidence. After googling solutions, I found Sweatshield Undershirts. I am ecstatic to say that after a week of wearing it, the clothes that hung untouched in my closet are now being worn. I no longer have sweat stains on the underarms of my clothing and I am thrilled! I will be ordering a pack of three today because they are now a staple in my wardrobe. This is an exceptional product and a solution to my everyday problem. I can not say enough great things about Sweatshield Undershirts! 

Jenna, Oregon

I have been using your undershirts for several weeks now, and they are fantastic. I can wear a shirt all day with confidence, regardless of the temperature or my activity level. Sweatshield undershirts are fantastic, and I highly recommend them.

Christopher, New Zealand

Absolutely nothing would work for my excessive sweating. I went to numerous doctors appointments and there was nothing they could prescribe that would work for me. These shirts are absolutely fantastic and are the only working solution to excessive sweating. I would absolutely recommend this product to everyone with this problem.

Lee, Illinois

I purchased a single sweat shield shirt to basically road test as I did not believe it would stand up to excessive sweating, especially after many washes. I've just purchased another five! The undershirts are amazing, great fit and provide 100% resilience. I can now present with confidence.

Shaun, London

 Thank you for your product. The T-Shirts work excellent! I work in Public Safety and our Uniform Shirts are french blue in color. I would always have sweat going through my shirt and would be embarassed. So I would keep my duty jacket on just to hide the sweat that showed under my arms. I've been to a Doctor and he even prescribed prescription antiperspirant. It helped a little but would burn my skin and I still had sweat showing under my arms. When I first ordered your shirts I was hopeful but really wasn't expecting my shirts to be 100% dry. So when I received them I put one on and went to work. Kept looking under my arms to see wet marks. But you know what? There NEVER were any! I've already placed a second order just to make sure I am NEVER without one of your T-Shirts to wear. 

Vincent, Indiana, USA

When I first heard of these shirts I was a bit skeptical, but after a little thought I decided to order and give them a try.. .. am I glad I did.  I have always been self-conscious about how badly I sweat from my arm pits.   I tried these shirts and now I am a believer.  They are a bit form fitting for my taste but when I wear them under another t-shirt or any shirt for that matter I barely notice they are on.  I could tell immediately that these shirts worked from the first day I tried them.  I am a fan of this product and have no problem recommending these to anyone.  

Brandon, Singapore

I had read about your products (sorry not sure where) over the last year or so with great interest. There was a family formal wedding coming up and of course my natural instinct was to just wear a black shirt (as I had been doing for around 20 yrs.) Since the wedding was a black tie affair, I decided to buy a new white shirt and test drive the Sweat Shield. It did work perfectly.  It was very hot for me with a jacket on for 10 hours indoors and I had to do a check every now and then and remove jacket to see if the protection was working.

All in all – money well spent – and I am on to wearing white and light colored shirts again (and those around me are very happy to see something other than black on me.)

Eric, Toronto

This is the first time I have left any feedback to any company regarding a product. Your product deserves me taking this time to write. Your product is simply perfect and has freed me of wearing only dark colors. No sweat marks in any shirt since the first time. That's a 100% effectiveness record. The only suggestion I have is: make it in my favorite color, black !!!!!  Excellent job my friends.

Victor, San Juan, Puerto Rico

These undershirts do a great job of covering problem underarm sweating and a source of embarrassment while still being comfortable.  I am on my second re-order and highly recommend them.

Dave W, Leeds, United Kingdom

Dave WFirst of all I found it very encouraging to see that the many testamonies you already have all have the same problems I am dealing with and your product clearly made a difference to them and so I could not wait to give it a try. So I placed my order nervously wondering if I will get the product in 7 days as promised and well I can say it did and so I was greatly pleased already! Well how else but to test your product and so the very first thing I did was to put the product on under my normal T-Shirt and jump onto my spinning bike. This is extreme of course but this was going to be my test. Well Tim I can say that your product proved itself 150%. After 20 minutes of spinning my back and chest on the T-shirt was dry to the touch which is a giant leap from looking like you just came out of a rain storm. Almost unbelievable. Thanks for your product ! I loved it and it has changed my live as all your users can testify.

Christiaan, South Africa

The Sweatshield Undershirts have changed my social and work life, I have suffered from hyperhidrosis for years and after getting surgery to prevent the sweating on my forehead and under arms I actually ended up with compensatory sweating of my back. This was a severely serious problem for me as I would have sweat patches on any shirt or t-shirt that I wore to work or socially in my everyday life, not only that but I was conscious of it too and embarrassed. Since I purchased the Sweatshield Undershirts I have no problems with sweat patches, I still sweat but the Sweatshield Undershirts prevent the sweat from appearing on my shirts and t-shirts. The V neck shirts are ideal for work as they are invisible under a work shirt! This product has changed my life and given me back my confidence in the workplace and in my life as I no longer have to worry about the problem being visible for everyone to see and judge me for.

Ciaran B, Perth 

The following are actual customer testimonials from our products customers. If you'd like to send in a testimonials please do so and we'll include it on the site. Visit the contact page for more info on how to reach us.

"These shirts are fantastic! I live in a pretty cold climate and even when I am outside shivering I am still dripping sweat from my armpits.

I've been looking for something to solve this problem for a few years as I am now in college and all through high school I would have pit stains after the bus ride to school. I only wore dark colored shirts because they wouldn't show my excessive sweating as much. When I received these shirts I knew it was my last hope because I have tried all the "sweat proof" deodorants and "prescription strength" stuff as well and they never helped. I tested the shirts by pouring water on them, and without fail they absorbed a full glass of water! I wore these shirts over the holiday season, crammed in a house with your entire family, after a day of traveling on an airplane, and almost everywhere I go.

I am more confident, willing to raise my hands above my head, and I can now wear more colors other than black. It will also save money long term because i have various will yellow pit stains that won't come out. I will be buying less t shirts and having more fun with everything I do because i won't have to worry about my sweating issue. They shipped very fast, have the money back guarantee, and the sizes match what size you typically wear. very good coverage of the armpits, but no coverage of the back and chest. VERY happy with this purchase and recommend them to everyone with excessive sweating issues!"

Joe, Michigan, USA

"I love these t-shirts! For the first time in my life I don't have to worry about sweating through and ruining my clothes. I will never, ever buy any other undershirt and only regret that I wasted so much time and money trying other products that failed to deliver. I cannot thank you enough!"

Sam, New York, USA

"Your product was bought after my first day at a new job. The uniform was grey and it showed sweat really bad after just a couple hours...who am I kidding, a couple minutes. Anyways, since the undershirts arrived in the mail I haven't had a single drop of sweat show through my shirt. I reach for things up high, give high fives, and roam around work all day long confident that the only thing I have to worry about is my work and not the appearance of my arm pits. Thank you for creating this product."

Marc, Missouri, USA

"Hi my name is William I just wanted to let you know that I purchased eight of these t-shirts in vneck before the summer time of 2012. I would never go out with friends in the summer time before I wore this protective undershirt. To be totally honest its about 85 effective all of the time even with someone like my-self with severe hyperhydrosis. I have to thank Sweatshields from the bottom of my heart for allowing me to feel a little human again, thank you William."

William, New York, USA

"I tried out the shirts recently and they are fantastic! I feel dry all day, even though I know I've sweated, and the shirts are more comfortable than regular shirts as well. I can tell that these shirts will last MUCH longer than my other shirts, so they are a great value!"

Jessie, Miami, USA

"I purchased these tshirts for my 16 year old son. He is very self-conscious about sweating and would go to school most of the time wearing a sweatshirt to hide his sweat. We have tried every possible antiperspirant but the problem continued. About 6 weeks ago, he took off his sweatshirt and was teased by another student about his sweating. Seeing him so troubled and embarrassed, he begged for us to try sweatshield undershirts! He is over the moon excited and satisfied with them! He even wore them to a rigorous baseball practice and at the end, he proudly lifted his arms to show me...."NO SWEATING, MOM!" We will order again! Thank you for helping my son!"

Dorothy, Slate Hill, USA

"Sweatshield Undershirts are exceptional. Before discovering Sweatshield Undershirts, I would try to minimize embarrassing sweat areas by wearing oversized dress shirts and inserting folded paper towels into snug t-shirts beneath. My make-shift approach was inconsistent, and really only added to my stress. Sweatshield Undershirts are much more effective and worth every penny. I can now utilize tailored dress shirts without fear. I am extremely satisfied and recommend Sweatshield Undershirts without hesitation... it's a fantastic product."

Kevin, Aberdeenshire, United Kingdom

"I have tried other "sweat-proof" undershirts and they just seemed like cheap cotton undershirts with a patch sewn into the armpit. They didn't wear well, the patches began to rip off and they shrunk when washed. These undershirts actually seem thought out - the material is soft, stretchy and breathable, the underarm protection is actually a part of the shirt and covers a much larger area than others - which is great. I have already recommended these shirts to friends and would highly recommend them for anyone dealing with emabarrasing sweating issues."

Todd, Minnesota, USA

"Wanted to thank you sincerely for this product- has been such a welcomed change in comfort and made me feel less stress in a heated environment. strongly recommend it is worth it."

Michael, Perth, Australia

"Hi, I have purchased one of your undershirts and they are excellent."

Scott, Glasgow, United Kingdom

"Wow, Tim what can I say, thank you so much for organising to get the shirts out to me so quickly and efficiently (within 5 days) and on short notice. They arrived on time for my brother's wedding, and my brother the groom, and his groomsmen including me all got to wear the undershirts and they were great, they loved them so much that I'll be placing another order for more from you soon.. It made my day when they arrived, and handing them out to the groomsmen with 2 days to spare, was so unbelievable given I had only placed the order not even 7 days earlier. You should be commended on such a great service you provide.

I just want to thank you so much for your great customer service and compliment Sweatshield Undershirts for such a wonderful product, and all at great value for money, and convenience with the Fedex delivery.

Hi Tim, I love the shirts for the underarm sweat... Amazing!

Evan, Michigan, United States

"I am actually very excited by this product,. I have had hyperhydrosis for most of my life and it has dictated what kind of clothes I buy and what colors. I am constantly 'drenched' under the armpits.

I recently purchased the mens undershirts; it was perfect timing as I was going through some scenario testing for a medical first aid certification. It was very stressful and I was perspiring more than ever. I was ecstatic to see that throughout the weekend testing, that although I was under high stress, at no time did my shirt shows signs of perspiration.

I find the undershirts very comfortable and they seem to have gotten softer after their first wash. My mother also suffers from the same condition and I have already ordered her an undershirt to try.

I initially purchased the bulk pack which is a fantastic deal and will be purchasing more shortly."

Ed, New York, United States

"My partner has been suffering with an excessive sweating disorder for years. He's been to doctors etc who can only suggest that he has his under arm sweat glands removed, which is not an option. The sweating is triggered off by stress, nerves etc and is uncontrollable and very embarrassing for him. He has ruined so many expensive work shirts in the process. I was browsing through websites and came across sweatshield undershirts, had a read and thought, no harm in trying! We are also living in Australia so the heat here doesn't help matters. Within a week of ordering we received our order and my partner couldn't be happier! No more sweaty armpits at work, no more embarrassing moments and no more ruined expensive workshirts! (at least I don't have to soak his shirts for days to take away the stains anymore!) It did take him a few days to get used to the thicker layer under the arms, but he said he would rather that than have sweat marks.

These undershirts have been a true blessing for the both of us. We will definitely order more in the future and I have already started promoting this product to all my family and friends! Best advice to give is don't buy only 1 vest to try, you need at least 5, totally worth every penny!

Thanks Tim, you have a great product! All the best for future sales!"

Taryn, Houston, United States

"Sweatshield Undershirts are a life saver. I have tried so many different ways to stop or just hide the sweat marks through my shirts. I came across these shirts one night while browsing the internet hoping to find something I could wear to an upcoming wedding under my dress shirt (which wasn't black since that's the only thing I can get away with wearing). I ordered one shirt thinking it was worth trying out. It arrived just days before the wedding. I wore it for the first time to the wedding and half way through the night I went in to the restroom to see how it was working. After several hours in a light blue shirt hugging eating and dancing I didn't have any sweat marks in my shirt. I felt clean and dry. For the first time in years I didn't hide from cameras or try to hide my marks awkwardly when moving about. These shirts are amazing. The work. I plan on purchasing several more. 100% satisfaction. Thank you Sweatshield."

Chelsea, Oregon, United States

"I work in business and have to coach or consult for several companies every day. There is nothing more embarrassing or distracting than to have giant sweat marks while sitting in a conference room with a company trying to coach them through challenges. It is a job that requires confidence to carry out correctly and mine was becoming in serious question as I would cut my meetings short with clients simply because I was sweating more and more and becoming evermore self conscious of my appearance and abilities. Until I found this product. Without a doubt, Sweat Shield Undershirts is one of the best products I have ever seen and, honestly, the one product I have bought that has greatly affected my daily life for the positive. It is so important to feel confident in most situations and this product, without a doubt, helps me to do that better."

Carl, Detroit, United States

"Sweatshield Undershirts are exceptional. Before discovering Sweatshield Undershirts, I would try to minimize embarrassing sweat areas by wearing oversized dress shirts and inserting folded paper towels into snug t-shirts beneath. My make-shift approach was inconsistent, and really only added to my stress. Sweatshield Undershirts are much more effective and worth every penny. I can now utilize tailored dress shirts without fear. I am extremely satisfied and recommend Sweatshield Undershirts without hesitation... it's a fantastic product."

Ken, Southampton, United Kingdom

"This is hands down the best, I repeat the best undershirt I have ever purchased. They need to be a part of every man's wardrobe, unless you like your sweat to show. I have been to 4 weddings and countless business meetings and there has not even been a drop of sweat that has broken the barrier of this incredible product. I literally show this shirt off to every one of my friends. They are all sceptical in the beginning but as soon as I show them that the shirt will not come untucked, problem with other under shirts, it will not collect sweat under the arms, another problem with cotton undershirts. I am so glad I found these shirts, my only problem is I wish I knew about them sooner, going to definitely buy more, the thing is they hold up so well, I don't know when this will be! Thank you!"

Jon, New York, United States

"I teach at a public school and work in a hot climate. Before using your shirts I tried attachable sweat shields and found them awkward and ineffective. I originally ordered one t-shirt to see if they worked. I was so happy with the results that I bought the 5-pack. I wear these shirts to work almost everyday. I no longer have to deal with the problem of having sweat rings under my arms when I wear cotten, and my clothes are no longer getting stained. The front neckline is low enough not to show under shirts, dresses, and sweaters, but the back neckline for the woman's shirts could be a little bit lower in my opinion."

Jill, United States

"I'm very impressed with them. They are tight fitting (keeps them hidden); I like the material a lot as it is comfortable but more importantly, because it has a very smooth texture it doesn't cause the overshirt to stick to it; and of course crucially, I have yet to have a sweat patch appear through my work shirt. An excellent experience so far."

Ross H, Sydney, Australia

"These undershirts are great! Will definitely order more in the future. I love that I can just focus on my job and not worry about perspiration."

Murray M, Toronto, Canada

"I have suffered from temperature spikes for many years and sweat excessively under the arm and on my chest and back. I have not been able to wear shirts without a pattern (to disguise the sweat) so most business shirts were a no go area. Similarly I couldn't wear a coat or jacket over a shirt because I sweat as soon as I put it on. This product is absolutely amazing and a life changer. If I had to (in an emergency on a business trip) I could wear a dress shirt over two days the under-shirts are that good. Enough said. I will be ordering another five I am that happy with them."

Karl C, Basingstoke, United Kingdom

"Your shirts are nothing short of amazing! They exceeded my every expectation as far as fit, quality and function. My outer shirts stay dry in ALL circumstances which borders on the miraculous! I can now wear whatever I wish, while before I was relegated to dark shirts made of "dryfit" materials. Thank you for giving me one less thing to worry about and one more thing to feel good about!"

Andy W, United States

"I received the Sweatshield undershirts and I was astonished to see how well these undershirts keep you dry. The fabric is perfect. These shirts hug your body and keep your look neat and cool. Thanks Sweatshield for an excellent product."

Jim N, West Hollywood, California

"I would like to say THANK YOU, I purchased these shirts for my 15yr old son, who has tried everything, we had purchased multiple expensive things from antiperspirant to wipes to pills and even tried using breast feeding pads....yes we were desperate to say the least! These shirts have been the ONLY thing that he has felt comfortable in, he no longer wears only black t-shirts to hide the underarm sweat, but any shirt he will wear without worrying about the embarrassment! I do have to say that he wore 2 shirts layered the first day just cause he thought he would be better safe than sorry, but now he is just down to one undershirt...Thank you sooo much, I already have more shirts on the way just to have a stock!! (makes my life sooo much easier)."

Mandy M, United Kingdom

"I bought these for my wife who is on her feet all day. She usually walks anywhere from 6-10 miles a day on her job. Honest. She wears a Pedometer. The embarrassing sweat marks almost made her quit. We tried other shirts and every deodorant out there but nothing worked. We ordered these shirts to be honest with not much expectations, Sorry. With the 100% return policy we figured it would be worth a shot. We are so happy with this product, we will never need to try another product. My wife is happier now and has more confidence to approach customers and do her job. It's "Refreshing" to find a product that actually does what it says and is cost effective as well. Now I know why you have such an great return policy.. Because nobody uses it!!! Thanks!"

Kevin W, Revere, MA

"I am in sales in Louisville, Ky. Louisville is a great place to live and work and I would hate to ever have to move away, however it is extremely humid in the summer months. Being on the sales floor means that I have to be presentable, my income depends on my selling ability. In the summer months I used to have to always wear prints or checkered shirts or just plain black because of my excessive sweating problems. Now however, with the sweatshield undershirts I don't have to worry. I can wear whatever shirt, whatever colour I want. I don't have to keep my hands in my pockets anymore while selling. I can be animated and passionate, without feeling like I'm going to raise my arms and have my customers see huge sweat stains. The sweatshield undershirts really work and if you have excessive sweating this is exactly what you need."

Alex, Kentucky, United States

"I really like sweatshield undershirts. That's why I ordered package of 5 twice within a short period of time. I sweat a lot, and I find these undershirts highly effective in keeping me dry and protecting my shirts. Moreover, I like the feel of these undershirts and they are not expensive. Thanks for the undershirts."

Ravi M, Quebec, Canada

"Hi Tim, I have already recommended this product to numerous people. I travel in the UK for business which means I have to face packed public transport and stuffy meeting rooms on a regular basis. For someone who has a sweating issue this can cause uncomfortable situations and I can end up arriving at a destination with my dress shirt soaking. I actually came across this product when searching for something to help manage the sweat when I was getting married in the Florida summer sun. The under-shirts left me perfectly dry when I got married in the heat and I ended up buying more for every time I travel with work. I can't imagine not wearing these anymore - they have transformed that small part of my life that I hated. They have even past the London Tube summer test!"

Gareth, United Kingdom

"I bought the Sweatshield Undershirts for my husband because he has always had an issue with excessive sweat. He is extremely fit and works out plus plays soccer twice a week. He is in sales so has to wear a long sleeve dress shirt, suit and tie. He would only wear white, hoping it would not be as noticeable. Eventually, all his dress shirts and T-shirts yellowed and formed a hard surface under the arm pits! Of course we had to throw them away, costing us money to go replace them more often than usual. Then, I did a search on the internet and found the Sweatshield website ... "Alleluia!" He tried it out right away and could not believe how it not only kept him dry but the undershirt was not wet to the touch. We literally ran out and bought him new shirts in all kinds of colours except WHITE!!! Thank you for such a great product, you have saved us money and a lot of embarrassment!"

Jim and Gaby, Texas United States

"I purchased the Sweatshield Undershirts because I'm a sweater and needed to maintain a dry look whilst in official uniform. They have worked flawlessly - I've used them for every shift so far and never a sweat mark to be seen. I'll be purchasing more because they work - and it can get pretty hot here in Sydney. Great product. Great service."

Chris, NSW, Australia

"I suffer from excess sweat whenever I get anxious, which is more often than not. I tried 100% cotton shirts and techniques to relax my nerves; however, no method I tried sufficed. Finally I discovered SweatShield undershirts and decided I would try them out. I placed my order with ease, received my order on time and am beyond satisfied with the product. I would recommend them to anyone who suffers from excess sweating and reorder them again without a doubt."

A Shah, United Kingdom

"I recently put through an order for one of your undershirts and tried it out for the first time on the weekend. I have severe hyperhidrosis and was amazed at how good it was at combatting the problem."

Josh M, United States

"Love the shirts! Will a version in black be available soon? Thank you again for this great product!"

Stason S, Queensland, Australia

"Just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with your customer service. I received my replacement order for the V necks that I needed in such a timely manner and with such ease that I just needed to let you know how happy I am doing business with your company! I've never experienced a level of customer satisfaction in any other company before. This was the fastest and most pain free process ever! Kudos and thanks again."

Russell S, Manchester, United Kingdom

"Thank you so much! I wore the undershirt yesterday and it was great!! Thanks for the help."

Alexandria R, New York, United States

"I got the shirts and love them!!! Thanks a million...Question for you... Can we expect to see t-shirts done in black as well? If so, I would be the first to order them. Please let me know and thank you again for an amazing product."

Josh W, Toronto, Canada

"I really want to thank you for your product. It is truly one of the best purchases I have ever made. Sweating a lot, working in business and living in Florida do not mix well for when I am meeting with clients. The shirts are really great and I wanted to say thank you again. I am very impressed."

Cody S, Orlando, Florida

"I would like to thank your company for selling these awesome products. They have greatly improved my life. Very happy customer."

David N, Los Angeles, United States

"I just had to run to the post office to pick up my sweat shield shirts. I worked up a major sweat and so put on an undershirt with a light green shirt (max visibility for sweat patches!). Guess what? No sweat patches at all! I can't believe they are for real. Service was fantastic too. Got the shirts within the time they said. Just ordered more. Thanks so much!"

Ashley R, Vancouver, Canada

"Many thanks for your prompt response and for resending the shirts - much appreciated. You've a great product here and they've made a great difference (confidence-wise) to my working day."

David W, NSW, Australia

"Wow. That is customer service. I will look for the v necks."

John S, Minnesota, United States

"Hi there. I just wanted to say how your undershirts have changed my life! I have suffered with excessive sweating for years and it has held me back in so many ways. I came across your sight and at the time you only sold men’s undershirts but I made do and they were fantastic. I am so pleased that you now provide women’s undershirts. I have just had one delivered to check the size and have now ordered 5 more! I never would have thought something so simple would have made such a difference. I just hope other people come across this sight and read these reviews without being sceptical. They really work!!!!!!!!! Thanks again. Much love."

Christine R, United Kingdom

"Hi Tim received undershirts last Saturday. I wore them to Rock n Roll on Wednesday. Very pleased with them. I shall be ordering more in the not too distant future. They sure live up to your claims. No more having to wear polyester shirts to help hide sweat marks. All the best and thank you once again."

Donald M, United Kingdom

"Just to let you know my package arrived soon after this email and the sweatshirt is bloody brilliant!! Can’t fault it in the slightest and I am very very happy with my purchase. Will definitely use your company again."

Ed J, Leicestershire, United Kingdom

"I’ve had the chance to wear these over the last month on several occasions, and put them through several wash cycles. Overall they work as advertised, which is saying a lot. My experience matched the testimonials on the site, and I will be ordering more shirts soon. I commute to work with a combination of walking, bus and subway travel. My office is quite warm which used to mean I’d rush in from a cool day outside and immediately begin sweating profusely as my body temp tried to adjust to the office. Before the shirts, I’d have to go to the washroom and wipe down the excessive sweat. If I didn’t, I’d be soaked straight through. After the shirts? No issues! I can let my body sweat as much as it wants, and I don’t show it at all. The only thing I need to wipe is my forehead! I can wear 100% polyester shirts, which are not good for breathability and not worry about sweat at all. Over the course of the day, the sweat stays put or evaporates, leaving my outer-shirts dry and odour-free, and I don’t experience any wet-clothes ‘chills’ because the sweat is not covering my skin or the outer shirt. I’ve been able to downgrade my deodorant to ‘regular strength’ vs. ‘extra-strength’ because the shirt keeps the sweat away from the armpits. I’ve worn the Sweatshield to 2 social engagements, with lots of movement within hot, crowded spaces & experienced the same results – no soaking through to my outer shirt, and the only thing to wipe was my brow. The performance has kept up over 4 cold-water wash and tumble dry low cycles, which I use for all my work attire. Great product – buy enough for 1 week of outfits and you’ll be worry-free about sweat."

S.A Toronto, Canada

"I just think it's really important that I tell you this. I have been wearing the shirts for 2 days now. To be completely honest with you, I am very surprised with the effectiveness. I wasn't expecting the shirt to be this effective. The performance is amazingly satisfying and immensely exceeded any expectation I had. The fabric used is extremely comfortable and light on the skin. I truly want to congratulate you on this material, extremely impressive. My one comment though, is you should try doing the shirt in different colours in addition to white, such as black for example. Thanks again and I hope you guys keep it up with the high performing quality material."

Mostafa S, Missouri, United States

I purchased 5 of the Sweatshield t-shirts, after reviewing other sweat-hiding t-shirts on-line.  First, the service was good, and I received quick feedback to my order and shipping status.  Second, the product arrived quickly, and in perfect condition.  I recently took up ballroom dancing, and I, like many of you who are reading these reviews, am embarrassed about sweat showing up onto my outer layer shirt.  These shirts have a good wicking mechanism, and they have fortified underarm protection (padding).  Fortunately, I don't sweat much in my underarms.  It's more my chest and back that are effected most.  During dance, one stretches and moves to great extent, and I was worried that the t-shirt would ride up and become untucked.  However, this was not the case, as the t-shirt is quite long, and did not ride up.  Furthermore, the t-shirt material is stretchy and form fitting, so it provided a good, snug fit, without feeling tight.  I recently attended a 5 hour ball, and put the t-shirt to the test.  Truth be told, I wore a regular cotton A-frame T-shirt underneath my Sweatshield shirt, and on that a long sleeve button down white dress shirt.  I danced for 5 hours.  Yes, my outer shirt was damp, but not splotchy.  No undergarment could ever prohibit anyone from sweating through 10 layers of clothing without the outside layer being moist, after dancing 5 hours.  However, I felt dry, comfortable, and looked good.  That's the point of the shirt.  During normal dance lessons, I wear just the Sweatshield, and I have yet to see any sweat come through to my outer shirt.  I was so impressed, I gave one of my 5 shirts to the lead dance instructor, who indicated to me he has the same sweating issue.  

Tony, Paris, France