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Frequently Asked Questions

Product Information

Why should I choose the Sweatshield Undershirt?

There is no other product like it.

We created the first sweat proof undershirt for men and women to wear anytime and anywhere. We combined luxurious micro modal fabric that feels comfortable and smooth, keep-cool technology that wears like a second skin and doesn't sweat like cotton, and clean, stay-tucked design so you're dressed like a professional.

We've been doing it the longest and nobody does it like us.

Does it work?

Absolutely! The underarm sweat shield technology took several years of development and they truly work. Our testimonials speak to it!

Are these moisture-wicking?

Absolutely not. Sweatshield Undershirts are designed to absorb moisture, not wick moisture. Wicking is the process of transferring moisture from the inner garment to the outer garment. We don't want this to happen.

Product Care

Can I wash and dry the shirts?

Sweatshield Undershirts are built to last and can be machine-washed at low temperature. We'd recommend you hang or lay them out to dry, as you would any similar material - it keeps the neck crisp and clean.

How often should I replace my undershirts?

Our customers find that each shirt, worn about once/week, will last about a year.

Will the effectiveness of the shirts deteriorate over time?

No! They should work just as well on Day 180 as they did on Day 1. The sweat shield forms an integral part of the undershirt, and it will not deteriorate or lose effectiveness. As with all clothing, you can expect the fabric to wear over time, and we recommend replacing the undershirts every 12 months.

Customer Service

What's your return and exchange policy?

You can return any item to us within 30 days for a 100% refund. More information at our Returns, Refunds, and Exchanges page.

How do I ask questions?

Our Contact Us page is the best way to find us. We'll get back to you quickly!

How does shipping work?

Shipping is free inside Australia for any order over $100 - any two items or more ship free. Shipping one item is $15. More information at our shipping page.

I'm not from Australia. How do I get your product?

Great question! We've been selling in the US and Europe since 2009. Our US store is the best option for North and South America, and our UK Store is best for Europe or anywhere else. We've shipped to 70 countries so far: no doubt we can get the product to you.