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Men's Sweat Proof Boxer Shorts

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Have a Happy Bottom.

Sweatshield Undershirts realized that it's not just about the tops: sweat in your groin, thighs, and butt can be just as challenging to deal with. We've worked hard to build an amazing pair of sweat proof boxers. 

Our sweat proof boxers are designed to protect from excessive sweating in the thigh, groin and buttocks. They are made with a special sweat shield built into the rear of the shorts which is guaranteed to stop sweat marks for even the heaviest of sweaters, including those who suffer from hyperhidrosis or compensatory sweating resulting from surgery. 

  • Luxurious micro modal fabric, which is 50% more absorbent than cotton, means that you're both comfortable and protected. It's thin and soft for comfort, but you'll know that our shield is there.

  • Keep-cool technology provides comfortable temperature control all day with lightweight, breathable material that still keeps moisture controlled. No sweaty cotton!

  • Ultra-comfortable stretch-fit styling so that your pants or shorts don’t get a ruffled look and they glide over the surface of your boxer shorts rather than moving with them. They're long enough to provide full-thigh protection.

  • Discreet sweat shield design so you are comfortable changing at the gym, the golf course, or wherever you might be.
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    Customer Reviews

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    Great, but comfort could be improved

    These work exactly as advertised. I'm a guy who's had to put up with annoying sweat patches showing through on my butt, especially if I'm sitting on a plastic chair or office chair for more than 10 minutes. This product completely elminates that issue by keeping the sweat from getting to the pants. This is truly awesome, and I'm looking forward to buying pants in future without worrying about the visibility of wet patches.

    However, they're a bit over-engineered and I'm hoping Sweatshield will make some improvements. I'd like to suggest the following:
    * The fabric is heavyweight all over. This means my balls are in a bit of a sauna, which is not great in the hot climate where I live. In my opinion, the shielding is only needed over the butt, so a lighter-weight fabric should be used at the front to improve air circulation.
    * I'd prefer a bit more room at the front. These shorts hold everything up and contained, which is okay but not as comfortable compared to having just a bit more room. Perhaps a lighter-weight fabric would provide the feeling of space by being stretchier.
    * The length is unnecessary. I'd prefer the shorter length of boxer trunks.

    Overall these do exactly what they say, and they're great, but they're a bit hot and uncomfortable (at least, in a warm climate) compared to regular boxer trunks. I'd love to see a lighter-weight trunk version, with the same protection in back but ligher everywhere else.

    Gary Skruzny
    Men's Sweat Proof Boxer Shorts

    They have worked the few times I have worn them by stopping the sweat reaching my pants.
    They are heavier than what I expected
    I would also prefer if they were 5-10 cms shorter in leg length so that I could comfortably wear them under shorts
    Will buy more

    Great pair of underwear.

    Overview: Overall this is a really great product. They're super soft and comfortable to wear and do exactly as intended, They're really thick which is hard to determine in the photo. If we think your average cotton underwear as 1ply the front on these are 2-3 ply, the legs are 5-6ply and the buttocks/inner thighs are 8-9ply. They are THICK. Due to the fact they're this thick they're really slow to dry.

    Positives: Super high quality - Delivers what it says - comfy to wear. Great for low strenuous activity or to counter normal sweating in warmer weather.

    Opportunities (For me): My work is fairly physically intense where i'll be at a pretty consistent HR of 110-130 bpm and I sweat a bit. Within 1-2hrs the underwear will be fully soaked through and it stays wet. After this soaked status has been achieved the wetness of the underwear seeps through and wets my pants too (making it very noticeable). The material of the inner thighs also doesn't stay up as much as i'd like it to, to prevent chaffing while walking.

    Conclusion: These are great for office type/casual going out type of activities to prevent "average" sweating however not as effective for moderate/high activity.

    Boxers are legit amazing can not get any better.

    You guys did really well with these. The boxers for me are completely sweat proof for Now. I will see in 6 months if they still work the same. No more embarrassing moments and 100% comfort. I slightly leak with the undershirts but not with these boxers!! Very long but I just fold them once. And it’s great to keep them long.

    Aaron Patterson
    Boxer shorts

    Best product of it's kind. 100% does what it says

    Men's Size Chart

    Sizes: S M L XL
    Chest 34-36 38-40 42-44 46-48
    Length 28" 29" 30" 31"

    Choose V Neck for use with polo shirts, t-shirts, casual shirts and business shirts when you want to wear them open collared (unbuttoned).

    Choose Crew Neck for a sharp undershirt neckline with an open collared shirt. If wearing a buttoned up collar with a tie then crew neck will make the undershirt neckline less visible.

    Men's Boxers Size Chart (inches)

    Sizes: S M L XL
    Waist 28-30 30-33 33-36 36-39

    Women's Size Chart

    Sizes: S M L XL
    Size 6 8 10 12
    Bust 30¾ 32¼ 34¼ 36¼
    Waist 24 25½ 27½ 29½
    Hip 33¾ 35½ 37½ 39½

    Men's Sweat Proof Boxer Shorts