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Thompson Tee Review

I have been meaning to do a Thompson Tee Review for some time now but have never gotten round to it and there seems to be plenty of information and reviews online about them.

Thompson Tee started about 12 months after Sweatshield Undershirt with a very similar design of sweat proof t-shirt. Their undershirts are made of cotton but also they now offer Bamboo undershirts also. As a manufacturer, I had thought that bamboo was a poor choice for undergarments or t-shirts due to its durability. Whenever I ask fabric manufacturers about it, they advise against it saying that the durability is very poor. Judging though from the positive comments that Thompson Tee receives this seems not completely correct.

One comment that seems to come up very regularly in any Thompson Tee Review is the problem they seem to have with sizing. It seems that their cotton undershirts are very oversized and many people talk about the need to order 2 or 3 times smaller than you actually need. I am not sure if the same is true of their bamboo undershirts, as they do not seem to garner quite so many comments on this subject.

However, one alarming comment I hear from many customers is the discoloration that happens with Thompson Tees. If you sweat heavily then you probably suffer from your clothes yellowing very quickly. Apparently, this seems to be a real issue with the Thompson Tee. This seems to be so much the case that someone even wrote about this in a sweatshield vs thompson tee review website.

In this Thompson Tee Review, they talk about the fabric turning a nasty shade of yellow very quickly which I must admit is a strange phenomenon. I am not sure if this happens in the bamboo undershirts or just the cotton undershirts but either way the undershirts become yellow and old looking after just three or four washes. I have heard this feedback from many customers now and so I can only assume it to be correct. Whoever it was that wrote that article was certainly passionate enough about it to write at length!

So anyways, we would love to hear your comments about the Thomspon Tee and how it works if you have ever tried them out. 

Again though I am not sure if the discoloration problem is with just the cotton ones or the bamboo ones or both. We look forward to your review of the Thomspon Tee or Sweatshield Undershirt.

All the very best

The Team at Sweatshield Undershirts