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Sweat Pads

Although only 3% of the population suffer from severe bouts of sweating, the majority of people perspire when the humidity and heat of the summer finally arrives. How many of you have woken up on a humid morning, taken a nice relaxing shower, sprayed on some antiperspirant and traveled to work only to find that your shirt has these huge sweaty stains underneath your armpits? It can be embarrassing to say the least. People erroneously assume that sweating is the product of poor hygiene but excessive sweating can happen to anyone. Sweat pads are used as a means of preventing the sweat but how effective are they really, especially in comparison to sweat shield undershirts?

Sweat pads are worn underneath your clothes and are designed to absorb all the sweat produced under the armpits before it ruins your outfit. They are seen as being extremely convenient and can be placed neatly underneath your armpits. They should be slim and practically invisible so you can go through your day in comfort. There is nothing better than enjoying a sweltering summer’s day, safe in the knowledge that armpit stains will not ruin your image or your day.

However, sweat pads are nowhere near as effective as sweat shield undershirts. Although sweat pads will prevent armpit sweat to a point, they only last for a certain length of time. If you sweat excessively, you may have to change them every hour which is far from convenient. Failure to do so could result in a nasty smell emanating from you. As sweat pads are fitted tight on your skin, there isn’t enough air circulation and may even cause the body to overheat. Finally, sweat pads only deal with sweat from your armpits. Although this is the most common place for sweat to occur, individuals who sweat in other areas still have no protection.

This is why so many people are turning to for a solution. These are actual shirts which are worn beneath your normal outfit. As this shirt is so lightweight and comfortable, you will forget that you’re even wearing it. The special fabric used in these sweat shield undershirts ensures that sweating is kept under control and you don’t have to worry about odors. It protects every part of your upper body. The material is also designed to aid circulation so you will feel cool during warm days. They come in various sizes and look like a normal t-shirt. Forget about sweat pads, try sweat shield undershirts today for the ultimate in sweat-free confidence.