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Staying cool each School Term - tips for sweat-free presentations!

Staying cool each School Term - tips for sweat-free presentations!

It's the beginning of Term 4 for most Australian schools, and that can be the most difficult term of the year, as we head towards Summer - more presentations, more hard projects, more having to show what you know at the blackboard. Stress sweating is real and it can impact anyone - men or women, young or old, people with sweating disorders and people just feeling nervous that day. 

Sweating is a natural part of life, but it can also be embarrassing, and we're here to help you manage those stressful moments. Here are some tips from experts:

1. Remember that other people are nervous too!

New situations are challenging for everyone, and it's a real time to feel imposter syndrome - like you don't belong at this new school or in this new job. (Here's a great TED Talk on Imposter Syndrome!) You're not the only person in this new situation.

2. Use your muscle memory.

Our bodies learn how to handle stress. Our muscles know how to relax when things are challenging - we just need to remind them with deep breaths, positive self-talk, and sense memory. Talk to your body and then trust it to do the right things for you.

3. Take advantage of what you know.

Learn what works for you when you're managing a new situation. Does it help you to visualize successful moments? Remember things you're proud of? 

4. Apply your tools.

There are plenty of things that can help you manage stress-created sweat. Our V-Neck undershirts for men and Scoop Neck Undershirts for women are the best shirts in the world for keeping your clothes dry: our sweat-proof boxers help for sweating down below. Some people carry portable fans (you can find them on lots of websites) or a well-concealed handkerchief.

Have you found something that works for you? Tell us about it!